Most Popular CBD Products of 2017

Even though there are hundreds of different types of cannabidiol products, they’re not all practical to use. There are several CBD products which are more widely used than others. The rest of them are flash-in-the-pan novelty products. The main groups of products that are both economical and practical to use are capsules, sublinguals, topicals, and vaping. Within each of those groups, only a couple popular products exist. With new products and shops clouding the market, it can be hard to see what’s what. Anybody with 10 friends knows someone who can put together a spiffy website, but a fancy website does not equal quality products. We will cover the most important products you should be made aware of. Remember, keep it simple and don’t fall for the flashy advertising.

#1 Capsules

cbd pillsThese are the most popular because they’re the easiest and most practical to use. People don’t always have time to play doctor and administer precise measurements. Every other oral form of CBD oil on this list requires some sort of measuring. Not capsules.

Your main measuring with capsules is to figure out if you need to take one or two. You shouldn’t need to take more than two unless you need a really heavy dose. If you’re taking more than two capsules, you should consider buying stronger CBD capsules so you don’t have to take so many, according to Order Edibles Online. Taking several pills at once can become annoying and dangerous without adequate fluid. When you’re stuck somewhere without water, swallowing several pills at once is ill-advised.

#2 Sublinguals

Tincture is the most popular form of CBD sublinguals. A tincture is a solution that has been infused with CBD. It is not pure CBD like the capsules. It’s diluted, but that doesn’t mean it’s weak. Yes, by volume it’s technically weaker but each serving will be of similar strength. CBD tincture is so popular because of its relatively inexpensive price and it’s easy to use nature. Unlike pure CBD extract, you don’t have to measure tincture as precisely. All you have to do is fill the dropper up and squirt it under your tongue. Similar to capsules, your main decision to make is how many droppers do you want to take.

With a tincture, you will not get a precise dose. There will always be some variation because it’s not premeasured. Your dose will depend on how much you fill the dropper. This is a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because you’ll get the chance to take smaller doses. With capsules, you can’t do that. With a tincture, you can take any dose imaginable. It’s also a curse because it’s harder to take your preferred dose, once you find it. If your perfect dosage is 1.7 droppers, good luck getting that consistently.

All pros and cons considered, CBD tinctures are a great deal because they’re easy to use and are very affordable.

Alternate Option: CBD Extract

Another popular sublingual administration product is the pure CBD extract applicator. This product comes in a syringe-like tube and is administered under the tongue. It’s similar in it’s pros and cons to the tincture but has a few more cons. Pure extract applicators are notorious for being hard to administer. You’re supposed to keep them in the fridge which contributes to their difficulty in application. The lids always get really tight in the fridge and are hard to take off. If you have trouble with things of that nature, steer clear of these. Also, the extract can get really hard in the fridge if your fridge is on the colder side. Trying to measure an extract will feel a lot like you’re in high school chemistry class.

Setting the cons aside, extracts are the most potent form of oral CBD and you don’t have to worry about any possibly harmful additives. For the extremely health conscious of those among us, you can breathe a sigh of relief. This is the best option for people worried about additives. All the other options have some sort of extra ingredients leftover from the various extraction methods or used in the recipe.

#3 Topicals

cbd topicalIn the CBD marketplace, you have to be careful. There are a lot of shamsters and misleading products. This is especially pertinent for the topical ointments and creams. With the oral products, you will start to develop a tongue for the products. You can tell when something changes with the products or it doesn’t taste like cannabis at all. With topical solutions, you don’t have that same luxury. You have no way of knowing whether a product is what it says or not. Even after using it, you might be left thinking you didn’t use enough or trying to pretend that you feel it working. CBD products all carry this risk, but oral products at least allow you taste the hemp.

Once you find a topical cream or ointment that works well with your biochemistry, you’ll have a new barometer for this type of product. Many people don’t think these products work. That’s because they haven’t found the right product. Once people find the right product for those achy joints, they become raving fans. That’s why these are so popular. You can get a discount on some really good topicals by using an Elixinol coupon for first time buyers.

#4 Vaping

This is the fastest rising product category in the CBD market. Since the vaping industry as a whole is taking off, people are starting to learn more about the positives and negatives of vaping. More research is being published every year about vaping. Now that people don’t think they’re going to get popcorn lung or some other rare disease from vaping, they’re more open to trying it out. Once you try a CBD vape pen, you’ll probably become a believer. Assuming you’ve gotten your hands on a good quality vape, you’ll feel the effects faster than any other method. These CBD oil vaporizers kick in in a matter of minutes. All the other methods take as little as a half an hour but as long as two hours.

When it comes to vaping CBD, there are two different products you can buy. You can purchase standalone vape juice, or you buy a pre-filled cartridge. Of the two, the pre-filled cartridge is the most popular and economical. Also, some of them don’t have any additives besides terpenes. This is the only other pure CBD product along with the pure extract. All the other products have additives or have had major constituents removed like in the case of CBD isolate.

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